1 Cochlear implantation outcomes in children with congenital single side deafness
2 Does middle ear implant for sensory neural hearing loss provide significant benefit compared with conventional hearing aid?
3 Cochlear implantation outcomes in a pediatric population depending on genetic etiology
4 Bone conduction Percutaneous versus transcutaneous bone conduction implantable hearing aid for single side deafness
5 Genetic etiology of candidates of adult cochlear implantation and outcomes
6 Influencing factors for hearing preservation in cochlear implantation
7 Diagnostic value of ECoG (or CHAMP) in MD
8 Steroid therapy in vestibular neuritis
9 Efficacy of repositioning maneuver in lateral semicircular canal
10 Effect of facial nerve decompression for the treatment of Bell’s palsy
11 Treatment of acoustic schwannoma: surgical and gamma knife surgery
12 Hearing outcome of canaloplasty and implantable hearing aid in congenital aural atresia